West Coast Car Inspections was borne out of our 27-year European repair shop experience.

The staff at Beyer Motor Works has decades of experience dealing primarily with BMW, Mini Cooper, Volvo and other European cars.  We perform the highest quality of car inspections in the state of Arizona and soon we will be in every major city on the West Coast.

We have developed our team of mobile inspectors to continue our high standard of quality work in a mobile setting identical work to that like we do in our Euro repair shop every day. Every car or truck gets a thorough inspection report with exceptional photos or videos.  Every customer will have a professional report and will have a very good understanding of his or her cars condition, mechanical operations and overall engine performance.

We guarantee that! – Doug Maxwell, Owner

Level I

Mobile / on-site inspection at your location of choice.

Level II

Bring the car into the shop so we can put it on a lift.

Our Mission

West Coast Car Inspections will provide a Level I or a Level II car inspection that ultimately will allow the buyer or seller to have complete, clear and accurate information to value or assess the condition of the vehicle in a professional and timely manner.

Our Process


Choose inspection

Choose your level of inspection & the car to be inspected then click "Order Inspection"

Inspector Assigned

Your Inspector is than chosen based on your vehicle type, location and availability and assigned to your inspection.

We Handle Scheduling

Tech confirms vehicle availability with the seller and arranges a time to inspect. (At this time, you will be charged for the inspection.)

Timely & Thorough Inspection

Inspection will be performed with-in 2 business days (based on seller availability). The inspector will tag all photos and make all necessary notes to the report before it enters quality review.

Reports in 24hr

Get your report within 24 hours from the time the inspection was started.